Life update. Cal State Fullerton University

2016-12-10 13:33:43 by HowSplendid

I don't really do these, but wanted to do it since things are kinda building up for me. Not a bad way. just Anxious.

So if things go as planned for my grades(which I'm sure) then I'll finally be done with community college and finally transferring to Cal State Fullerton University next month. This is a big step and I honestly can't believe I made it this far. Just anxious because I'm not sure what I'm expecting when I go there, plus the expenses .-. But...holy crap, I'm going to a University.....still can't believe I'm saying that.

Welp here goes nothing!

Only bad thing is that I'm out of the job for now, since my work required me to be a full time student. I was part of the Owl book store at my college. I'm undoubtedly sure I'll find work soon. :) I'm just glad you guys have been commissioning me. you have no idea how much that's helped, so thank you for supporting me throughout that time.

still drawing as usual. I've been trying to stick more to digital lately, since it'll benefit me in the near future. I've also been trying harder to push myself further, in order to improve. I'm happy with my work, but I still want to do even better than what I have now. *determines*


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2017-01-02 17:58:02

Just read this but good luck!

HowSplendid responds:

Thank you so much!