Been a long time...

2014-02-04 01:00:27 by HowSplendid

Whoa, this journal here is very outdated. Time for a much needed update. Well it's only a couple more weeks until I'm back off into college again, so I might be a tad slow with new drawings, depending on my schedule. I've mention previously a while back about the new games that were coming out and managed to get them at the time of their releases. Pokemon X, Call of Duty Ghosts, and Need for Speed Rivals had their short comings this time, but all were still fun regardless. Aside from that, I've had time to work on the story for my characters, however since I've fallen so far behind I hadn't had a chance to work out the comic and with school starting again, I can't imagine it getting better. We'll see, I suppose. I do thank my friends at the college for their help, so it's been easier coming up with ideas and such.

As of right now I'm accepting commission, so if you like what you see please feel free to contact me and I'll give you the list of prices for what you want me to draw for you. I ask for PayPal payments only, please!

Until next time. See ya!


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