Just a little update...

2013-08-24 00:26:11 by HowSplendid

It's been a while since my last journal entry, so I thought I'd give it a well needed update. Due to my summer classes, I've fallen behind for what I had planned to do during the summer, so the comic will be postponed until I manage to get back on track with my character refs and story. Since I'll be starting fall semester this Monday, I might not posting anything as often until I get comfortable with my new schedule. Hopefully before Monday, I can submit a drawing or two so here's hoping! ^^; Aside from that I'm eager to see how this year plays out especially with all the video games coming out; especially excited to pick up Pokemon X and Call of Duty Ghosts as their release dates get closer and closer.

I hope everyone's been doing well! Cya around!


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